• Mike DeRienzo

#Winning? #Canceled.

Not only can conflict hurt a film, but it can destroy a once popular show.

Take Charlie Sheen. A once successful film star, he made the transition to television before it was cool and became an instant success. Starting with Spin City and then moving on to Two and a Half Men, everything he touched was gold.

Taking his personal demons out of the picture, it was evident that Charlie Sheen's very public conflict with Chuck Lorre eventually lead to his leaving of the show. Once considered one of the best on television, Two and a Half Men lasted a few more seasons before ultimately ending on a critical lower note.

Charlie Sheen jumped right away to another successful show, Anger Management. After striking an almost unheard of 100 episode with FX, Sheen's very public conflict with co-star Selma Blair, whereby he threatened to quit if she wasn't fired, eventually lead to her leaving.

In both situations, law suits were filed, and many more threatened. The only people that were "winning" were the lawyers.

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