• Mike DeRienzo

"I couldn't help but wonder..." Why there's no SATC 3

Sex and the City was revolutionary for its time. Though a contemporary viewing of the show could be seen as problematic, there is no doubt that the show helped normalize women's views on sex, helped launched HBO as a legitimate player in the television, and launched two wildly commercially successful movies ($418.8M against a $65M production for the first, and ($294.6M against a $95M production for the second).

If we were talking about any other television series, those numbers would justify at least two more movies. When a sequel was announced in 2016, SATC 3, it was shut down almost immediately.

Why? Infighting between stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall apparently was so bad that they weren't even speaking for on the set for the second movie. Apparently tensions between them had always been high, but this was the final straw. Kim Cattrall wanted nothing to do with the third movie, and a very public fight between the two stars played out over the next few years, solidifying any chance of a peaceful reunion.

Hearing this all, I couldn't help but wonder, will be ever see a third movie?

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